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Emergency Services

Fire Damage

We offer the following Fire Damage restoration services:
  • Emergency Board Up Services
  • Tarp / Roof Repair Emergency Services
  • General Demolition
  • Content/Material Pack Outs
When your property is faced with Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage please follow these helpful tips of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to fire damage:
  • Call 911.
  • Contact a professional restoration company.
  • Open windows to begin airing out.
  • Turn water off and drain water lines.
  • Limit your movement in the property to prevent spreading of soot and secondary damage.
  • Empty fridge/freezer and prop doors open.
  • Call your insurance company and begin the claim process.
  • Use electrical appliances or devices until they have been professionally cleaned & checked.
  • Use or consume food items that have been exposed to the smoke or high heat.
  • Clean or wash any absorbent surfaces (i.e. walls, ceilings, etc).
  • Use home carpet or upholstery cleaners.

One of the most stressful challenges that you may face is fire damage. You can literally see everything that you worked so hard for being burned to the ground. But try to remain positive in the aftermath, and call for professional fire clean up.

After fire damage hits your home, call your insurance provider to report the incident and follow any procedures. Then you may call for board-up services to protect your property. This is the easiest way to keep vandals out and secure the affected premises which can be vulnerable to harmful outside elements. You may hire such a company to perform roof covering, put up temporary fencing, remove trees, debris removal, water removal, structural stabilizing, and even for generator services.

Depending on the damage incurred, some fire damaged properties are not safe to enter because of a weakened structure, toxic substances present inside the home that can be harmful to health, and falling debris. The reason why an expert is needed is to check the integrity of badly-damaged property before allowing the occupants to salvage items.

That is why board-up services are very valuable. When the initial debris removal is done or broken windows have been boarded, accidents are less likely to occur. Board-up is considered an emergency service, so you can call the company anytime.

Fire clean up can start right away as soon as the affected area is protected and covered. Remove standing water and transfer high-value items to a dry and clean place where there’s also ample ventilation. Use a generator if you need to install fans and lights because using an electrical source from inside the affected property is not safe.

Your local clean up company is a good choice because they can reach your place very quickly and help you start getting your life back. Dealing with fire damage involves various processes. You are facing smoke, soot and water damage at the same time. Just thinking about it is overwhelming, but it all boils down to delegating tasks and enlisting people who are professional, experienced and trained to use sophisticated tools.

Restoration can take a little while to finish. Be patient and discuss your options.

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