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If you’ve discovered mold in your home or business, dont be alarmed!

To deal with the challenges of mold as a homeowner, the first thing that you must have is an independent test by an Independent Air Quality expert. Plumbing, pipes, appliances, HVAC systems, attics and basements must be tested correctly to find the problem or problems in your home.

Mold remediation possibly needs to be done when flooding or water spills have remained for as little as 24 to 48 hours. Mold spores occurs naturally in nature, but when a part of your home is always moist, colonies can form and contaminate surrounding environment.

The best way to prevent mold buildup is to keep your home clean and dry. You must also fix all the leaks and clean water spills at once. Without fixing the moisture problem, mold can just recur or get worse. Signs of mold buildup include dank or musty smell, wall and ceiling stains and respiratory and eye irritation, sneezing, coughing, headache and asthma attacks.

Mold remediation must be done by a qualified professional only. You should inquire about their training or other credentials to make sure that they can perform such a task. It is not a simple procedure because of the health risks involved. When not properly protected or not amply trained, the contamination can even spread instead of isolating and removing it for good.

Affected items must be cleaned and treated on-site while those that can’t be cleaned or restored right away must be put in a plastic container and sent to proper facilities where it can undergo various techniques and process.

Another complication of water problems that carries health risks is sewage contamination. Just imagine the elements present in your septic tank and you’re facing some serious effects because of the allergens and bacteria present in the spill. Water can easily spread the organic elements present in raw sewage, so the situation must be handled by professionals.

Like any water problem though, sewage contamination must be isolated as soon as it is discovered. Extract excess water, disinfect the area then dry thoroughly. Complete decontamination is important and must be done by professionals. Without the use of sophisticated equipment and appropriate decontaminates, you can make the matter worse rather than solve the problem. More so, restoration must be started soon after the water extraction to prevent permanent water damage.

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