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In 2011 we had 80 flooded units Interior Cleaning and its Wet Out Now division were called they handle and process and dried all the affected units and returned them to pre loss condition. Wet Out Now helped restore $240,000.00.

M. Reardon

Interior cleaning systems recently service our Campus after the 08 hurricane Ivan victims were stage here, the post clean up services had to be done quickly and without interruption. Interior Cleanings staff came in clean sanitized the facilities without any interruptions, we would recommend there services to anyone. Wet Out Now helped restore $35,000.00.


The technician was very professional and courteous. He was quick yet very effective. I’ve had my carpets cleaned plenty of times with so called promises. The carpet would look clean, but after a few hours, the spots re appeared. Interior Cleaning Systems got the spots out with only one cleaning. And it lasted. I would recommend him any of my friends and associates.

T. Mckay

We used Interior on a commercial building that contained black mold. Interior came in and remediated the building, now the occupants now breath fresh clean air.

Alabama Efficiency Contractor

I would recommend Interior Cleaning Systems to anyone, we’ve used their emergency services and they have always been efficient and always available for any situation from flood clean up to Mold removal. Wet Out Now helped restore 80,000.00.

Chad Yancy

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